Flxible Buses

A Flxible Bus for sale is not to be confused with a flexible bus for sale. Flxible bus is a manufacturing company. They originally had an ‘e’ in the name where one would expect, until the courts ruled that the word was too broad and they could not patent it. So they dropped the ‘e’ to appease the courts.

The Flxible bus company started in 1913 with the work of a man named Hugo Young. He developed a side car for motorcycles that would keep its wheel on the ground when turning. The premise was a flexible connection, hence the name. The sidecar business went swimmingly until the early 20’s when Ford buried it with his roadster that was significantly less expensive. Then the company adapted and manufactured hearses and ambulances. 1928 saw the creation of the first Flxible for sale. At that time they were mainly manufacturing specialty vehicles.

In 1936, The Flxible Airway inter city coach hit the roads. It was a good, cheap coach. It was built on a Chevy truck chassis. The first model Flxible clipper for sale was produced in 1939 and was a 29 passenger Clipper that used a modified Buick engine. The clipper was hugely popular and used in many different markets. They were used as airport transit limo buses, on movie sets, and as tour buses. In 1941, Flxible converted to the war machine. They were involved in the production of M4 tanks, fighter jets, and Liberty ships. They even contributed to the construction of blimps, which served as an effective anti submarine measure. At the war’s end, they converted back to coach production.

Today, it is hard to find Flxible buses, because in the 70’s the company was bought and sold several times, changing its name to Grumman Flxible, and eventually being bought out completely by General Automotive Corporation. In the mid 90’s, they shut down the line completely, so you are lucky if you can find a Flxible starliner (which was model from the 60’s).

Flxible Buses for Sale

  • What kind of Flexible bus models are there? The Flxible clipper, Flxible starliner, Airway, Airporter, C-1, Visicoach, Fageoliner, Flxible twin, Vistaliner, Hi-Level, Clipper Eagle, New Look, Flxliner, Flxette, Cruiser motorhome, 870, and Metro.
  • What can I expect from a Flxible for sale? Love and Warmth! A sense of caring. Personality.
  • Is a Flxible motorhome a good motor home? They did come out with Flxible Cruiser Motor home, and there are mostly Flxible conversion motorhomes out there nowadays. They tend to be old, but also well maintained. It is better to seek a Flxible motorhome if you are after the style and the community, as opposed to form, function, durability, and longevity.

Flixble bus love

A Flexible Bus differs from most other buses because they don’t have owners. They have enthusiasts. People don’t just have them, and they don’t buy and sell them for economic purposes. They are more of a collector’s item, a thing to be cherished, a status symbol, an identity. There is a love for the Flxible bus that most other companies cannot boast. They are iconic. In other words, one should not seek the purchase of a Flexible bus for sale unless there is a feeling of warmth associated with the journey of acquiring one! When an owner sells you one of these, they expect you to take care of it, because with it comes a little piece of their heart.